Almost there

I’ve almost reached the end of my first semester back in school after a several year break. It’s time to start reflecting back on it all. Two classes are over and done with.

The way my PSYX 100 class is graded there is no point in attending the final on Wednesday. I’m looking at 431 out of a possible 430 points on the grading scale in that class. Even if the extra credit points don’t work that way I’m still looking at 426/430 which is still in the tier of the highest grade possible. The class allows the lowest score of the five tests administered including the final to be dropped. There is no score that can possibly be gotten on the final that will make a 98% worth dropping.

Aside from that my BIOB 171 (biology lab) class is completely over. I’m not sure how I did in it, I know that my score will be sufficient that I will not have to retake it to continue on in my Major, but I’m not much more optimistic than that. For being only a 2 credit class, it has easily required more time devoted to it than all of my other classes combined. Other sections did not have it this rough, it pretty much comes down to the instructor and what he expected from his students. To be fair I learned from the experience, and I’m fairly certain I will do better in my upcoming classes because of it. I don’t think that trial by fire is the best way to handle a 100 level biology lab.

I have my biology lecture final on Monday. My grades to this point are fine, I’m looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of a B if things continue to go as they have. I would like to do better than that, and I think if I knock my final out of the park I will. I have had problems with studying for the other tests in that particular class, they are all simple multiple choice tests and I am familiar with the material, I knew I would pass every one and had other classes with more immediate demands on my time. Now I really can devote the necessary time to study to do really well on the test.

Then Thursday I have both my Geology and Math finals. I’m not terribly concerned over my Geology final, I’m familiar enough with the concepts to do well enough. If I can replace the failing grade I’ve gotten in Geology in the past with any passing grade I’ll be happy and so will my GPA, that’s a fairly realistic goal. My current overall grade in the class is in the mid nineties, so I don’t foresee any situation that could arise on the final that would greatly change that. Math is more of the same my current grade is in the high nineties, I’m familiar with the material, and I’m allowed a single page of notebook paper hand written front and back of notes to help me with some of the trickier aspects.

Things are in short going well and I expect that trend to continue.

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