An aside

This is a really shitty night. I’m fighting with my fiancé, I was contacted by my ex. It’s rough.

This is a scene that is occurring right now, it ties up some loose ends in my story that have not as of current telling come unraveled yet. I can’t go back to the lead up without exercising this mess first unfortunately. So I thank you for bearing with me

That was the sum total of last night’s writing. It marked the penultimate salvo in the battle between The Second and I. today that matter is complete, and the only thing that remains between us is her share of debts unlikely to be paid, because as far as I know she doesn’t work, and the Explorer that replaced the Windstar we were homeless in when it got totaled in a portion of my story I’ve not yet gotten to .

I was awarded a few small artifacts, of nothing but sentimental value to anyone but me, including the Ashes of my 21 year old cat.

My Fiancé and I had been discussing how to get these things back, and what to do with some rather sill things I chose to keep for sentimental reasons, a recliner and a bench seat from my old red Dodge. (it got sold for scrap and I had forgotten when I drove it to the recycling center that I didn’t have both benches in it)

Then out of the blue the second sent me a Facebook Message that I had three days to pick up my stuff from her daughter. The message was in her aggressive style of confrontation. I hadn’t spoken to her since she asked me how much I hated her. She said I was right and that the man she chose to replace me with was in jail for attacking her. (I checked, he was) She indicated that she was very sorry and I was a good man and she had always missed me; this is the language she uses when she wants something and thinks that I might be charmed into giving it to her. The thing is once an illusion is broken, it doesn’t work on the same audience again, this is actually getting pretty far out in the weeds of territory I haven’t covered yet, so I will leave it at this before yesterday the last thing she said to me was an agreement to give my things to someone we had agreed upon to act as go between as soon as she could get back to Butte to get them.

I don’t know what made her tone change, I don’t really care. The divorce is final and I am beyond her ability to severely inconvenience.

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