When I got home from my first stint in the army. I wanted a cat. This was 1998. My first wife and I, relatively newly married. Went to a neighbor who never spayed his cat after a litter the previous year. He kept one of the kittens, and surprise, surpriseContinue Reading

This was the end of our marriage. I was playing Skyrim, as I often did. My routine was not particularly healthy physically or more importantly psychologically. I played computer games pretty much all the time I wasn’t doing something else. I would drop them at a moment’s notice to doContinue Reading

I struggle with anxiety and depression. I have for some time. There are parts of driving I really love. I can work alone and independently. Once I n longer hauled for a mega carrier the great level of freedom the job allows became even greater as the corporate micro-managing ended.Continue Reading

This is a really shitty night. I’m fighting with my fiancé, I was contacted by my ex. It’s rough. This is a scene that is occurring right now, it ties up some loose ends in my story that have not as of current telling come unraveled yet. I can’t goContinue Reading

My great grandfather emigrated from Norway. He changed his name at Ellis Island to honor the village he came from. What he chose is so utterly common that the trail goes cold at him. Never the less I his great grand child have always been fascinated with his homeland. NowContinue Reading

The second and I were barely making ends meet. It was a miserable experience. My plan of joining the Air Guard didn’t pan out. We felt stuck we were desperate, and like all desperate people we were stupid. I had been making my regular payments on my signature loan. Faithfully.Continue Reading

I have an unconventional relationship with debt. You may have noticed that my link section is no longer populated by my friends and acquaintances, but is instead populated with thought leaders in various fields. These are the people guiding m life right now. You will now see Dave Ramsey andContinue Reading

Note: Astute observers may notice that this post contains references to a goal setting post not written yet, buy that such a post went up yesterday. This post and the next one were written first. I’m writing on a truck, mostly without internet, I post what I have written andContinue Reading