And after a morning of wrestling with the BSOD and ending with reinstalling most of the things on my computer, I have no game tonight. Just when I would really have liked to kill some stuff especially given that there was no game on Monday either. Grrr, Grrr I say.

I had an idea this morningto do a comic based on one of history’s most reviled, I think unjustly so, characters. This is going to be the tragic story of the man whithout whom Christian salvation would have been impossible. I’m working up the story line and did a single imageContinue Reading

I made some progress on my character sheet today, it’s a long, slow process. Inputting all the species was easy and exiting. Bulk information so I can build the formulae necessary for class selection is apparently one of the boring parts. Yesterday I completed Jedi and got about one thirdContinue Reading

I got a fair amount of work done on my Saga character sheet. It was mostly data entry stuff which is necessary before I can do much of the more satisfying, formulae entry stuff. It’s not tremendously satisfying but it’s aweful hard to write formula that references material that doesContinue Reading

I’m motivated to get some stuff done right now. Unfortunately I have enough irons in the fire that I’m not sure which one to pull out and hammer on right now. Added some links here. Then maybe I’ll work on my excel charactersheet for Saga.