My Awesome Aniversary

I had a To-Be-Done list for yesterday. Most of it didn’t get done because I had something more important to do.

Yesterday was my 14th wedding Anniversary. I took my wife to the house we lived in when we got married, it is for all intents and purposes abandoned now. Which made giving her a kiss under the crabapple tree we got married under a trivial matter.

We then went out on N. Reserve and acquired out 15th pair of Champaign flutes. Every year we go out and but a pair on our anniversary.

We had lunch at Burger King, went shopping for swim-wear, then went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. It was Ok.

Then we went to dinner at the Pearl, we shared the Escargot, and Crab Cakes, then She had the Veal, and I had the Duckling. We had planned on also having dessert, but were to full.

So we walked down to Liquid Planet, where we picked up a bottle of my wifes favorite wine.

So all and all it was an awesome day.

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