New Beginings

Man, it’s been crazy lately.

You may notice that I haven’t updated a damned thing in over half a year. Yeah sorry about that.

I just wanted to take a moment to say where I am, where I’ve been, and where I think I’m going.

First of all a month or two ago, I honestly can’t recall at this point I was very ill for a few days. Not a life threatening thing or anything, just, you know, sick, like a really bad cold. For those few days my online presence dropped to pretty much zero. When I was recovering I had noticed something strange had happened. The world kept on spinning. Fire didn’t rain down from the skies. The oceans didn’t swallow Cuba. Everything was pretty well as I left it.

Before this, I had visited The Boards at every single day since about a week after it’s inception, barring military obligation. I was the first Moderator and later the first Administrator. When the site owner’s real life took off, I kind of felt it my responsibility to make sure everything kept running smoothly. Which I did to the best of my ability, for a very long time. To this end I also promoted a couple of the community’s other members to admin as well as naming maybe half a dozen other moderators over the years. In the month or two before I got sick we started to be inundated daily with dozens of spam threads, that we did not have the permissions to take care of adequately. I really started to feel the burden of running then. I was having difficulty with the concept that I was putting more of my time and effort into running it than the guy who owned it. I did this primarily because I loved the community and too a much lesser extent because I like the Star Wars Saga-Edition role playing game, and now that the license has expired on it, fan sites like ours are the only way to keep it alive.

Then I fell ill, I watched TV, I slept, I read to my children, that was about it for three days.

When I was feeling up to it I got on my computer and pointed my browser right at the boards again. There were a few new posts, I recall, but nothing much had happened. That was a life changing moment for me, it’s strange how often those can be just tiny things. I did something then that I had not done so far as I recall within memory, I pressed the log out button. I haven’t been back. I was running a game there and playing in two others, so I do feel bad about leaving the other folks who were waiting on me in the lurch, but I doubt I’m coming back.

Much of this post has been written as an apology of sorts to The Boards community, as such it’s a bit rambley. Much of this also applies to the folks I play(ed) STO with as well, but I doubt as many of them care as much where I’ve been.

So Here’s where I am now. I am currently enrolled at the University of Montana as a Biology major, Human Biological Sciences to be exact. I’m doing well despite the difficulties of being a nontraditional student. When I’m done here I expect to go to medical school, but it’s a long road between here and there, and it is my intent at the moment to chronicle that road here.

Right now I don’t have any classes on Thursdays so I’m going to attempt to put my week in perspective and post here then.

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