Better Than I was

I don’t believe in resolutions, I believe in goals.

As I am getting to in the ongoing posts, the past few years and my life with the Second have been a bit rough. There’s been a lot of growth though and the man who filed for a divorce from the Second is not the same as the man who went through the amicable process with the First.

Growth is my focus right now.

Goals need to be written down, specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. If a goal is not those things it’s really more of a wish. I have spent enough of my time wishing, it hasn’t worked out great.

So I want to go from my current 38” waist pants (already down from the 46” I was wearing) down to about 34” I have a large bone structure and I don’t think anything smaller than that is realistic or attainable. I have been eating a Keto diet with intermittent fasting. It’s been working great. I have not lost much if any weight, but it is definitely being pleasantly redistributed.

I have been using the X3 resistance band system, which is why I haven’t lost weight, I’ve been gaining muscle like you wouldn’t believe. I want to be able to curl between 15-40 reps of the black band. That probably doesn’t mean much to most readers and I’m not being paid to endorse anything, I just really believe in the product because it works for me in a way NOTHING else ever has.

More importantly I have goals that aren’t vanity based and will help to propel me into the life I want.

I am going to quit driving a truck. I need to be home with my family. The problem with that is driving a truck is really good money and I need to be able to replace that income. My plan in that regard is currently to attempt to join the local police force. For forty hours a week they earn approximately what I do as an experienced driver for seventy.

I am getting married in April, I really want to do that debt free.

Because, I’m paying off debt. I made it through the holiday season without a plan and without accruing more debt, but I’m broke right now. The plus side of that is that I think I can earn the rest of the money for the wedding before the wedding. I have other options but I reeeeeeeallly don’t want to use them. That would run counter to my values, and I find things go best for me if I don’t do things counter to my values.

I will read at least one nonfiction book a month. I have been listening to audiobooks while I drive, and they have definitely helped me expand my horizons, but they don’t count. I’m talking words on a page, it can be a kindle page but it has to be a page.

I am also writing at least a little bit each day. My first forays into writing exist, this isn’t a huge leap for me but I wish to become proficient, which I am currently not.

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