I wasted much of the day making this, i could have better spent that time statting out characters that will see use again sooner such as Harvey Bullock, Maggie Sawyer, Black Mask II, and Two Face, but hopefully I’ll get to that tonight.

I was given permission (and frankly a lot of support) to run the upcoming BASH Legends of Steel. Today at Miscon Game Day. I put a fair bit of effort into making the game as easy as possible for the players, who were not allowed to see my copy ofContinue Reading

So my BASH! game is not going to continue. It’s sad. So here is what was going to happen. Our heroes had been captured by the CDC, and were about to be interogated. After there were asked a series of questions that they don’t know the answers to they wouldContinue Reading

I attempted to run my BASH game this evening. Indeed I put quite  a bit of work into it these past few days, but given that one of my players is about to begin five weeks of Job training we decided it might be best if we held off untilContinue Reading