Here I am over a year later. I went to Antarctica, it was an amazing life changing experience. I desperately want to go back someday. It would be awesome to be able to take my family with me. When I last posted I was married to the mother of myContinue Reading

The semester is finally over and grades are in. I did well, I shouldn’t complain, I will anyway, but I shouldn’t. I came out of the semester with a respectable 3.23 GPA. That’s good by any measure. It does fall short of my 3.5 goal though. 3.5 is important toContinue Reading

I’m back up to about 250 pounds, which with my build gives me a noticeable paunch, but there are few who would call me fat. I would rather weigh about 200 pounds instead, I feel like I look and feel my best at about that weight. So, I’m being moreContinue Reading

Winter Break is over, for me at any rate. I played a lot of video games (damned Steam holiday sales). I played (am playing actually) Mirrors Edge, FTL, a little bit of STO, a lot of Minecraft, replayed The Walking Dead, and fell in love with Closure. I, surprisingly, didn’tContinue Reading

I’ve almost reached the end of my first semester back in school after a several year break. It’s time to start reflecting back on it all. Two classes are over and done with. The way my PSYX 100 class is graded there is no point in attending the final onContinue Reading

I managed to fall pretty far behind on my schoolwork. I hit a wall of depression and let things lag, that could lag, until I was really far behind and had to scramble to catch up. Yeah, let’s not do that again. I was pretty down on myself about thatContinue Reading

I had an algebra exam today, I think I did worse than I’ve done on any test since 7th grade. I stumbled on the last question and couldn’t come up with the answer (35/13). It was a 10 point question, the best I can possibly do on the test withoutContinue Reading

Right, my week. We received the word on Sunday, that Josie’s Grampa Santa had died in the night. Indeed his funeral is today. Wayne Putz was his name, and he’s a hero, in really a lot of ways. To just touch on the high points, he was one of theContinue Reading

This week has been a pretty rough one, mostly due to poor decisions I made over the weekend. I largely opted not to do homework over the weekend. This was knowing that I was going to have two exams on Wednesday. I waited until the last minute to do basicallyContinue Reading