Man, it’s been crazy lately. You may notice that I haven’t updated a damned thing in over half a year. Yeah sorry about that. I just wanted to take a moment to say where I am, where I’ve been, and where I think I’m going. First of all a monthContinue Reading

I was given permission (and frankly a lot of support) to run the upcoming BASH Legends of Steel. Today at Miscon Game Day. I put a fair bit of effort into making the game as easy as possible for the players, who were not allowed to see my copy ofContinue Reading

However the thing I have to say cannot be done justice in 140 characters. I have been procrastinating, there’s my hypocrisy for the day. I didn’t realize I was doing it until today, but when it came time to make results happen it was very hard to. First some exposition.Continue Reading

Goals are important. I’ve been working on mine. I’ve been writing a bit, fiction mostly. I haven’t managed to get any thing else published late, but Flat is making money, which is very cool. I’ve not been working on my game as much lately as I probably could be. Well,Continue Reading

Yesterday was ‘”F” you and your empire King George’ day. It was also a friend’s (and also Deep One‘s roommate) birthday. So I made the journey up the mountain for their barbecue. It was an interesting afternoon in Missoula, for all that entails. The food was for the most partContinue Reading

I had a To-Be-Done list for yesterday. Most of it didn’t get done because I had something more important to do. Yesterday was my 14th wedding Anniversary. I took my wife to the house we lived in when we got married, it is for all intents and purposes abandoned now.Continue Reading

Well today I uploaded a story to Amazon and B&N’s PubIt. It was an awesome feeling to know that tomorrow, on my mother’s Birthday, and my own 14th wedding anniversary, my words will be available to purchase. It’s important to note there is a pretty wide gulf between having wordsContinue Reading

I’ve decided to try and keep track of how much writing I’m doing. A little bit similar to what you might do if you were participating in NaNoWriMo. I need some sort of motivation to keep myself going. The surprising thing for me was how much I was able toContinue Reading

It’s still there, I’ve been working on it as I have time. Which lately is not much. My wife works for the local school system as a ten month employee, which has it’s ups and downs. For the past week and a half or so since school got out she’sContinue Reading