What’s Going On? Not much really. I don’t believe in writer’s block, there is only project block. So this project has been sitting dormant for a few days. Meanwhile I’ve been working on a fiction piece or two I’ve had sitting on the back burner. I realize that’s disappointingly littleContinue Reading

While I’ve been attempting to wrangle the ideas for this game of mine here, I’ve been asking successful authors, such as the incredibly helpful Wil Wheaton, how to deal with problems I know I will be facing such as avoiding DRM and the like. What amazes me is how easyContinue Reading

Growing up I read a fair number of comic books. I thought DC was for the most part boring uninteresting crap constructed out of horrible two dimensional characters. (there were exceptions obviously) Then I basically stopped reading comics entirely for about a decade. Then somebody asked my opinion on whichContinue Reading