Sorry for my extended absence

I’ll try to get back into something like a regular posting schedule again. Like I mentioned in my most recent post I’ve been running for the Camarilla Master Storyteller position.This has slowed down a bit now but for a while kept me busier than expected.

I was also chosen to judge the ZombAlert flash fiction contest. In the end it was only a 23 page document I had to read, which took very little time. A few of the stories were a bit, how to but this politely, not good? but there were two or three gems in the bunch.

My BASH! campaign is going to be officially over for a while. At least half of us have been enjoying our night off from gaming, and my gaming schedule is more reasonable for the time which is a bonus.

I thinki could probably handle a return to pbp gaming, but I don’t want to do it. It turns out that I really kind of hate pbp. I’m not sure why but it is an incredibly large stresser for me. It always feel like a chore to read up and post an action every day.

I will post likely tomorrow about my BASH! campaign and whatwas going to happen. Since  I will pretty definitely not be returning to it.

Running for Master Story Teller

It’s an experience to have.

This is if nothing else an interesting thing to do. It shows you something about courage if nothing else. The Camarilla has members world wide, thousands of them and every single one of them is eligible to run for the office of Master Story Teller. There are a grand total of ten of us running.

Only ten members willing to risk failure. It’s a hell of a thing.

I’ve been neglecting this site lately.

I’ve been really busy with that thing I said I wouldn’t talk about here.

Since that is what I’ve been doing and it is gaming related I will talk about it briefly. Primarily to discuss why I haven’t been posting.

First I am our local Chapter Coordinator, which is the administrative head of a local affiliate. In addition to that we have a Master Story-Teller election going on and I am one of (the rumor is) seven candidates. So I’ve been busy with that as well.

I’m not playing in our Changeling the Lost game, it’s on a night that I’m committed to spending time with my Wife.

Our Cam/Anarch game is a good mix of players and characters, there is a fair amount of tension between characters which is good for a LARP. Our population is a bit low but we just started so that’s to be expected, and it is getting larger.

Gaming schedule lightened, again

Just in time for more…

I have withdrawn now from pbp (Play by Post gaming). This was a tough decision for me, but I’ve been leaning towards it for a while now. Unfortunately (for me) the burden of Play by Post is relatively light, given the glacial pace at which it moves. So my load is only lightened slightly.

Fun goes quite a way toward lightening that load further though. My Thursday BASH! game, has picked up from my perspective anyway. I abandoned my Greek Age of Heroes campaign, I could feel it getting repetitive, becoming simply a freak of the week affair, it also had a little to much in common with D&D, which we are all kind of tired of.

Now it is a Supers game again in a world exactly like ours, with supers beginning to emerge. It’s unintentionally a bit like the TV show Heroes. I only ever watched a few episodes, it never really gripped me, but I do have to admit the premise is similar.

The important thing is that my players seem to be having a better time, and so am I. On a cool side note my villain from that first adventure is going to appear in an upcoming official BASH! book.

I’ve been busy lately

with that thing I mentioned.

I’ve made the decision that I’m not going to discuss that here any further. It will definitely be a giant time sink, but I have another website where I can talk about that.

So that leaves me with Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords, BASH, SAGA edition pbp, oh yeah and my other Pathfinder game that I play by Skype. Which means that I will probably need to cut some stuff like two games (that require a time slot in my week). I don’t know which two yet, and it’s a hard choice to cut games when other people are so starved for them.

There was no Skype game this week, which I was glad for because I was ill. There was no BASH game last week for the same reason, it will probably end up being canceled tomorrow because almost half my players are in Billings. This works out for us because we need to have an Officer’s meeting, to hash out some of the things that did not get addressed yesterday.

We did have a Game on Monday though. We are still clearing out the Keep backwards. We just found the Lamia in the basement. It’s kind of a dungeon slog right now, but we are still getting in some good RP. We met our new Barbarian, in a moment of social awkwardness.¬† Deep One has opted to make more constructive use of this block of time for a few weeks so unfortunately we are missing our Moral Compass, although our paladin has actually stepped up to that roll a bit.

So there’s my week so far.


Back in the before times in the long, long ago….

My friends and I were members of White Wolf’s fan club The Camarilla. For most of us our memberships lapsed five or so years ago. But for one die hard she held on tenaciously in three cities, and has returned to convince us that this is a worthwhile endeavor.

Anyway I bought into her story and have been spending my time making it go. We’ll see how that works out.