In the before times

Back in the long long ago I envisioned this website as a place for gamers to meat and arrange themselves in to groups and game real time remotely. I’ve heard of people doing such a thing but have not actually seen it myself, well tonight I aim to attempt it. I find myself at my folks place which is in the neighborhood of 250 miles from my usual gaming group. I have Skype installed on my mother’s computer now and am set up for video confrencing so far as I know, so long as there will be somebody present to aim the camera at the map all should work out, we’ll see.

Well It’s nice to know that somebody out there is reading this.

I’m getting spam, which means that somebody is actually some how finding my site, registering, and spamming it. Can’t win them all I guess. Akismet also works pretty good which is a positive thing.

I also got called out by my GM in the Thursday game for my post on Hindering terrain. I was fine he hasn’t TPKed us yet. I think we’ll probably live to the end of this campaign that being in a couple weeks, when his schedule at work changes. I’ll probably do my “Four Color Cthulu” one shot then and see if we can’t convince folks to play some BASH.

So anyway it’s awesome that people actually read this thank you.

Well, Sometimes I feel dumb

I’ve been wrestling with my forum platform for a while, and it made me angry. I just couldn’t figure it out. after about an hour of bnging my head against a wall I realized how simple the answer is and now I’m just to tired to implement it. Well, that’s what tomorrow is for.

Bearded Dork The Beginning

So I had originally envisioned this as a video blog, I’m not sure why. Due to logistical concerns I’m not sure I’ll go that route. I’ll most likely just do this the old fashioned way, which is cool too because really I’m an old fashioned guy.

I have children, that’s primarily what I do all day.

I also am an Admin at a fansite for the soon to be defunct D20 Saga rules-set of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. I (along the same note am also workin on a Saga Edition Character Sheet for Microsoft Excel. I have the one from the WOTC forums, but the more I try to use it the more frustrating it becomes. Especially given that people over on The Boards keep trying to use it, substituting it’s judgement for thier own. It’s really slow really clunky and makes a lot of mistakes. But it is unfortuately the best one I’ve found.

I’ll post up the one I’m working on and hopefully that will motivate me to work harder on it. I’ve kind of gotten bogged down for the time being in repetetive data entry. It’s time for me to move on to another part of the project. The interconnectivity of it all, kind of makes finding a place to start a new portion rather daunting. I want to do work where I will have a minimal amount of redoing once I implement another section of it all.

I’m also playing in a Pathfinder game on Monday nights. When 4th Edition D&D came out people basically went three ways, 1) “New Edition, Awesome!” 2) “4th Sucks I’m sticking with 3.5”, and 3) “If you want to get technical about it 3.5 kinda sucks too, but the fine folks at Paizo have mostly fixed it, oh hey and it’s backwards compatible.” It’s a suprisingly divisive thing. Bless the folks in Group 1, they are supporting the backbone of the hobby, and you gotta respect that. 4th edition is not for me, and yes I have played it. Group 2, I don’t get it. As you have probably guessed I’m more of the group 3 sort. Pathfinder is a solid successor to previous editions of Dungeons & Dragons. But I’m not really all that Jazzed about this particular game.

Soon I’ll be starting “The Dawn of Defiance” campaign that WOTC put out for Star Wars. We’ll see how that one goes I’m rather exited.