I am now hauling wood. The culture at this lumber distributor is different than I am used too, but then it’s not a trucking company. I have been driving for them about a week and a half, and there have been some shakeups. I could tell when I interviewed thatContinue Reading

I no longer work for the regional company I was driving for. If you listen to Dave Ramsey’s radio show, you will hear a of his callers say they are sticking with a sub-par job because of “job security”. Inevitably he tells them that there is no such thing really,Continue Reading

The past few days have been a struggle. I was supposed to be home today for an OB appointment with pet. I was, I made it, it was a little iffy though. I was supposed to be here yesterday or before. I ended up stuck in Billings on the way,Continue Reading

I’m sitting in Billings. Just sitting. pet has broken off our engagement twice since I’ve been here. I stopped by our home terminal in Missoula yesterday morning to tell them that I couldn’t in fact take this load of hardware on to Colorado Springs like we had planned. The hoursContinue Reading

There is the possibility that I’m bad at marriage. I have now been through two very different divorces, but the one thing that is common to both, well there’s more than one thing, I’m talking about myself. I was there for both. In the first case my divorce was reasonablyContinue Reading

So I started working for a company I had wanted to work for. They had just been bought out by a mega carrier. Things were still pretty good though. The mega-carrier culture was starting to creep in around the edges though. When I left the Second, I had very littleContinue Reading

I struggled with polyamory. I’m not saying that it can’t work. I know several people who it seems to work for. It does not however work for me. I’m not judging. While I was trying to make it work. Craigslist was my primary mine for companionship, like I had mentioned.Continue Reading

When I got home from my first stint in the army. I wanted a cat. This was 1998. My first wife and I, relatively newly married. Went to a neighbor who never spayed his cat after a litter the previous year. He kept one of the kittens, and surprise, surpriseContinue Reading

This was the end of our marriage. I was playing Skyrim, as I often did. My routine was not particularly healthy physically or more importantly psychologically. I played computer games pretty much all the time I wasn’t doing something else. I would drop them at a moment’s notice to doContinue Reading