Next Chapter

Here I am over a year later.

I went to Antarctica, it was an amazing life changing experience. I desperately want to go back someday. It would be awesome to be able to take my family with me.

When I last posted I was married to the mother of my children, though not for long. Since then I had a falling out with my mother, I will never look at her the same way again. If I never even see her again I am okay with that. As a consequence of that falling out I was homeless for a time.

Shortly before becoming homeless I got a job at a local car dealership as the service and parts manager. When I say shortly I mean the day before. I came home from my first day at work and loaded my future wife her daughter and our three dogs into the back of a Ford Windstar that has clearly been in some sort of accident. We lived for a week camping at a dog park where the police didn’t make us move at night. After that a friend of my employer allowed us to stay in a condemned building he owned. We had no power or water but it was dry as long as we weren’t on the top floor. It took a couple months to save up the money to rent the cheapest trailer we could find. Even at that I had to take out a loan to get the deposit.

Living in the trailer was less miserable than being in the abandoned building, which was better than being in a minivan, but it was miserable none the less. Worse was the realization that if we didn’t change something we would be there forever. The trailer was 12 miles out of town, very near my folks actually but on the other side of the river. Gas into town every day is very expensive, and we barely make ends meet. There is no money to save up for a better place or a place closer to town. I work ten and a half hours a day but because I’m salary that doesn’t amount to much money.

So I was going to join the Air National Guard. This has been my plan for years, it was how I planned on paying for medical school. The extra couple hundred bucks a month would have made all the difference in the world to us. Unfortunately my hearing is too poor to for me to serve again.

Since I was going to join the military again and I wanted full benefits for my Fiance we bumped up or wedding. It was a small ceremony in front of a judge in the local court house. Our Witnesses were my now step daughter and my boss’s son who is one of the technicians in my shop.

So now I’m married and living in a place I can barely afford. My wife and I are both unhappy while one of my step daughters lives with us the other lives across the state, in the same town as my own children. We rarely get to see them and our trailer isn’t really big enough for them to visit.

So, I won’t be earning more money, and living as frugally as we can there is nothing left over to save. I went back to the place that loaned me the money for our trailer and they were willing to loan me just enough to put a deposit on a new place.

Before I was called into active duty back in 2003 I was going to trucking school. This was a career I had considered before I dug down and realized I had it in me to goo to school, hopefully to be a doctor. I like my current job well enough it’s interesting, and challenging. Unfortunately it involves being responsible for people who I would rather not be responsible for. It’s hard working for somebody else’s bottom line when you are barely scraping by. So I looked again into driving a truck, It seems like the perfect job for an introvert. I looked into it and hired on with a company that trains its own drivers, quite well if the reviews are to be believed.

So I have a new job lined up and money for a deposit, what do I do? Driving a truck it doesn’t really matter where I live. So the new wife and I decided to move to her hometown of Butte, MT. The cost of living there is less with the new job I should be making more, we’re pretty optimistic. We will be closer to our children, and for about what we are paying now for a rundown trailer we will be in a 4,000 square foot three bedroom house.

My last day at the dealership will be the end of the month, then we will be moving at the beginning of next month, with my training beginning near the middle.

So there it is, an entire chapter of my life, a year and three months in one blog post.

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