Fallen Behind

I managed to fall pretty far behind on my schoolwork.

I hit a wall of depression and let things lag, that could lag, until I was really far behind and had to scramble to catch up. Yeah, let’s not do that again. I was pretty down on myself about that Algebra test I posted about last time. Well I still got a low A on that test so it wasn’t so bad. It reminded me about some of the test taking strategies that I’ve known forever but wasn’t using.

I did the questions in the order they appeared on the test. That last question on the test was a 10 point question so it was a bad one to stumble on and I wouldn’t have stumbled on it if I had more time to work on it. So in all the tests since I’ve done the high value questions first it reduces the risk. If I don’t have time to finish a question it will be a lower point value question now.

I also delayed doing a two to three page paper for my Biology lab. When I finally did it two days before it was due it had only taken me a total of maybe six hours including reading a number of scientific studies. Again lesson learned.

I am finally on track again and I’m looking at a significantly improved GPA after this semester.

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