Job Security

I no longer work for the regional company I was driving for.

If you listen to Dave Ramsey’s radio show, you will hear a of his callers say they are sticking with a sub-par job because of “job security”. Inevitably he tells them that there is no such thing really, your job is only as secure as your ability to find another one.

As a truck driver in America today I have that kind of security.

I mentioned that pet and I were struggling, and that was exacerbated by my being stuck in Billings for a day and a half. I also mentioned that I was going to apply for a local job.

Her dad works for a lumber distributer. This is not a trucking company this is a building materials company that happens to own a half dozen trucks and employ a half dozen drivers. One of those drivers passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack at home.

Now pet has never had a decent relationship with a guy that isn’t abusive. She’s had a generous supply of abuse in her life, and most of her interpersonal relationships haven’t turned out well, romantic or not. There are portions of her family I would disown if I were her, I know this because I have disowned portions of my own family for less.

Her dad is an old cowboy driving a forklift in a lumber yard, doing as he always has, the best that he can. He’s seen his daughter struggle and most often not known how to help her. He can see that she is doing better with me than she has ever done in her life, but that this constant state of separation is really tough on her. Also as an interesting and relevant part of his backstory, he was adopted, his biological father was a truck driver and died in a crash.

When this driver he worked with passed away he told her and encouraged her to get me an application and fill it out. Which she did, I supplied most of the details to her while I was waiting for someone else to drive through Wyoming and frankly didn’t have anything better to do.

Before I came home I told my fleet manager that if I had to choose between my fiancé and the company, I sure was going to miss working there. I did have to make that choice. It wasn’t really an ultimatum. This day and a half at a truck stop wasn’t really a problem, it simply illuminated a problem that was already there.

It was something I think we were both thinking but hadn’t said out loud to each other yet. This separation could not continue. I was making really good money, but I couldn’t enjoy it because I was never home. I keep pet very well, but she hardly feels like I’m in her life because I only see her four days a month.

So I’m getting ready for a new job. This is not as stressful of a thing as it used to be for me. There’s a wonderful sense of relief that as long as I don’t do something terrible to my safety score, I’m guaranteed work somewhere.

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