Making Rolls

So I talked about Dice and the fact that I think Attributes can be handled with, lets call them, advantages and disadvantages. I also mentioned that I will be going with a 2d6 plus modifiers versus a target number as a core mechanic.

I’ve had some time to think about that, and some input from friends I trust in these matters. And I’m still comfortable with my decisions. Mentioned in the comments of those other posts are Savage Worlds and Godlike. I like Godlike, it has a deep and interesting mechanic. I don’t care as much for Savage Worlds, I don’t like exploding dice or stepped dice, and it contains both. This is a personal preference issue. I don’t think any less of people who enjoy Savage Worlds more than I do, just as I don’t think less of people who enjoy D&D4. I don’t intend to emulate those games for one simple reason above all others, they have already been made. I’m making something new.

I meant in my discussion of Dice to explain why I don’t like exploding dice, I’ve had this prejudice since I first encountered it with the firearms rules of AD&D 2nd ed. The simple fact is that an exploding d4 will yield a higher result on average than an exploding d6. This is due to the fact that the d4 “explodes” 25% of the time and the d6 explodes 16.66‾% of the time meaning that the d4 is better than 2% more likely to get a result of 6 than the d6 is. The average result of an exploding die is also much more difficult to calculate given the theoretically infinite number of possible results. Though the above linked article does a pretty excellent job of it.

That was way more of a tangent than I expected it to be, sorry.

Any way attempting to steer this beast back on topic I have 2d6 which I will be rolling and adding modifiers to and comparing to a target number. Well I don’t have attributes, so where are these modifiers going to come from? The answer is going to be those advantages and disadvantages I mentioned. That’s how I think everything is going to be figured.

I’m thinking we have a series of advantages and disadvantages that add , most likely, +/-2 to a roll to a certain task, or related tasks as determined by the prerequisites for a given advantage.

These advantages will form something of a tree, lets take for example medicine. We’ll start with first aid, every boy scout and soldier and frankly most office workers have some sort of first aid training. The advantage First Aid will have no prerequisites and will give a +2 to rolls to treat minor injuries. From here we can take an advantage like CPR Training with First Aid as a prerequisite, we will now have a +2 to rolls to perform emergency life saving measures and be able to use devices like an Automated Electronic Defibrillator, we will also have another +2 for a total of +4 on First Aid rolls. We can further train up to EMT Training which would have the prerequisites CPR  Training and (Civil Service [disadvantage], Military Service [disadvantage], or Educated) This would allow a character to perform more drastic lifesaving measures, such as minor field surgeries as well as granting a further +2 to CPR and First Aid rolls as well as rolls to Civil or Military service, or education.

The more I think about it the more I like this system, but it will require a comprehensive list of advantages and disadvantages.

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