New Middles

The past few days have been a struggle.

I was supposed to be home today for an OB appointment with pet. I was, I made it, it was a little iffy though. I was supposed to be here yesterday or before.

I ended up stuck in Billings on the way, spoiler Billings isn’t on the way. For nearly two days I sat with pet just getting more and more mad, and more and more scared. I was reasonably powerless to do anything about it. She was a complete wreck over the thought that I might miss this appointment.

Well, eventually the guy I was supposed to rendezvous with to trade loads did brave the open and relatively clear Wyoming roads so that life could go on for the rest of us. I made it home yesterday, but it was late.

I mentioned trying to get a local flatbed driving job in my last post. Well, I applied for that this morning. My inside source at the company tells me that nobody else has applied. The hiring manager is playing coy though trying to make it out like he has a ton of applicants. I’ll interview with him in the morning. I have received a little training but have no actual experience pulling a flatbed trailer, I’m not worried about it though.

Then there was the big appointment. It was a little disappointing. Pet isn’t pregnant despite having many, many of the symptoms of pregnancy. I was pretty sure she was based on my experience with my first wife carrying our two children.

This leaves us with some unanswered questions though, if pet isn’t pregnant what the hell is going on? This is a burning question in our lives, something isn’t right. She’s go a whole battery of bloodwork to be taken tomorrow, in an effort to drill down into that question. We’ll see.

We’ve done a lot of considering about this question of me driving over the road as well. We’re thinking it’s time to throw in the towel on it. There are other local jobs around here. Some of them pay better than others. We’ll see how that goes.

For now we’re trying to regroup.

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