Just helped my 4th player create his Star Wars character. He hasn’t played Star Wars Saga Edition before, apparently he hasn’t done any roleplaying for about a decade. The process went fairly well. I think the rebellious child of a pro-imperial family rounds out the party quite nicely.

We got up got packed and headed home today. It wasn’t too terrible a drive, although today was the first time I’d ever seen the interstte closed due to weather. I’ve always seen the gate and known they could close it, I’ve just never seen it done. We had lunchContinue Reading

I’ve been wrestling with my forum platform for a while, and it made me angry. I just couldn’t figure it out. after about an hour of bnging my head against a wall I realized how simple the answer is and now I’m just to tired to implement it. Well, that’sContinue Reading

I’m having a hard time finding something that will allow me to put up a schedule that all users can use to declare their intrest and availability for gaming.