I’ve been wrestling with my forum platform for a while, and it made me angry. I just couldn’t figure it out. after about an hour of bnging my head against a wall I realized how simple the answer is and now I’m just to tired to implement it. Well, that’sContinue Reading

I’m having a hard time finding something that will allow me to put up a schedule that all users can use to declare their intrest and availability for gaming.

What we are going to have there is a scheduler for people to declare when they are available to game. And some links to assorted resources, like Map tools, Teamspeak, and maybe something like Skype. It should be tremendously awesome.

So I had originally envisioned this as a video blog, I’m not sure why. Due to logistical concerns I’m not sure I’ll go that route. I’ll most likely just do this the old fashioned way, which is cool too because really I’m an old fashioned guy. I have children, that’sContinue Reading