Well, shit. It’s been a long time. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say. I’ve had a lot to say but I didn’t want to talk about it. Before my son was born, he’s five now, I had a shitty job. It wasn’t hard, physically, it paid well,Continue Reading

The semester is finally over and grades are in. I did well, I shouldn’t complain, I will anyway, but I shouldn’t. I came out of the semester with a respectable 3.23 GPA. That’s good by any measure. It does fall short of my 3.5 goal though. 3.5 is important toContinue Reading

The semester is almost up. It’s been rough and it still is. It’s going to be a hard push right through to the end. Things will ease up a bit on Thursday. I have my last chapter math test Wednesday, which gives me Monday and Tuesday to wrap up four mathContinue Reading

This semester is a lot rougher than I anticipated it would be. Every single class has a higher workload than I expected. That’s not to say that the workloads are unreasonable, generally speaking they aren’t on an individual level. However when every class has a higher than anticipated workload itContinue Reading

I’m back up to about 250 pounds, which with my build gives me a noticeable paunch, but there are few who would call me fat. I would rather weigh about 200 pounds instead, I feel like I look and feel my best at about that weight. So, I’m being moreContinue Reading

Winter Break is over, for me at any rate. I played a lot of video games (damned Steam holiday sales). I played (am playing actually) Mirrors Edge, FTL, a little bit of STO, a lot of Minecraft, replayed The Walking Dead, and fell in love with Closure. I, surprisingly, didn’tContinue Reading

I’m hard on myself. Harder than I should be, but not harder than I need to be. I’m capable of quite amazing things sometimes, but I need to be driven to do it. I’m sure I’ve posted this in the past, but I slacked off a lot the first fewContinue Reading