As Promised a New Post

This week has been a pretty rough one, mostly due to poor decisions I made over the weekend.

I largely opted not to do homework over the weekend. This was knowing that I was going to have two exams on Wednesday. I waited until the last minute to do basically everything. I didn’t do my Prelab work for my Biology lab until the night before. I didn’t finish a reading asignment for my Biology lecture until the day before the exam. I didn’t really finish reviewing for my Psych exam until fifteen minutes before class.

Psych kind of brings up a predicament for me.

Not the class but one of the students. Many students in this class are straight out of high school, very immature, very annoying. This problem student isn’t one of them. Quite the opposite in fact. She seems intelligent, and thoughtful, She was even flying her geek flag the first day of school in a Batman T-Shirt.

That first day she did something that I interpreted as flirtatious. At the time I just chuckled quietly to myself, because she was about the eighth or so girl to do that to me that day. Most of these girls are clearly freshmen, and I don’t know, maybe looking at the older men because they happen to be off the leash for the first time in their lives. I’m not an expert I don’t know why but as a bald thirty something with a big beard, I get hit on a lot.

Anyway I took notice of Psych class girl, there was something about her I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I gravitate towards her, I’m more likely to engage a subject if she is engaged with it. I have started to find it all quite annoying.

Then last week she was absent, a bunch of even more annoying kids showed up, and altogether I was happy with the trade. That ended today, she was back, and unmistakably flirting with me. Tousling her hair, asking what she missed batting her eyes at me. I was really uncomfortable.

Here’s why. She looks like a mid-twenties version of my wife, and it turns out that I have a type.

I guess if the worst problem I have at school is that a girl I find attractive is flirting with me, things are going pretty well.

Now I have about seven or eight homework assignments to catch up on.

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