I was going to Tweet

However the thing I have to say cannot be done justice in 140 characters.

I have been procrastinating, there’s my hypocrisy for the day. I didn’t realize I was doing it until today, but when it came time to make results happen it was very hard to.

First some exposition. Before Miscon this year, my wife had strep throat. A day or two after she was diagnosed with strep my throat started to hurt also. When I went to the local clinic, they didn’t bother to test me for it since the test would probably come back positive whether I had strep myself or not. So in a move that was a little strange for the state of medicine today, the doctor at the clinic just prescribed me a big honking dose of amoxicillin, seriously a lot, and a pretty long course of it also.

While actually at the con this year my testicle started hurting like mad. I’m a soldier, I ‘m cool with pain, I don’t really mind being uncomfortable, there just isn’t much in the way of physical hardship that I don’t take in stride. This pain was pretty debilitating. I noticed right after the con that I had a small lump.

Being the modern guy that I am I couldn’t help but go to the web and look it up. Cancer, which is of course the fear, especially with my mom having her battle with it right now, was approximately the fifth most common thing it could be out of the top eight or so. Good news, or maybe not, those other seven things are all infections, and remember those monstrous amoxicillin, for a probable but technically undiagnosed case of strep. If it was an infection with the heavy course of antibiotics and the time that has passed it should have cleared up.

I didn’t really realize that I was procrastinating, because well, I’m pretty poor. Not super poor mind you, but poor enough that we can’t afford to use the terrible insurance that my wife gets through her ten month job at the local school system. She makes enough at that job though, per month, that we don’t quite qualify for any kind of assistance, except for that golden two month window in which we technically have no income. Now we have medicaid and I can afford to have my testicle diagnosed, though I probably will not be able to afford to have it treated. With the amount of time these things take, I only have a month left of the time I started with. The other month was taken up by bureaucracy, I’m a bureaucrat myself, I get it.

I kind of wish that we could skip the diagnosis and go straight to the surgery, even if it is some how an infection the surgery would fix that too.

So thats where I am right now.

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