That wild ride has ended.

The semester is finally over and grades are in.

I did well, I shouldn’t complain, I will anyway, but I shouldn’t. I came out of the semester with a respectable 3.23 GPA. That’s good by any measure.

It does fall short of my 3.5 goal though. 3.5 is important to me because that is the cutoff for the Dean’s List and I set myself very high standards.

I would like to be able to shift blame for not doing as well as I would have liked to my Bullshit nutrition class, or the inscrutable standards of my Public Speaking class, or as other people like to complain about the impossible standards of my Biology professor. I got Bs in all of those classes and that’s why I missed 3.5. The reason for it is blindingly obvious to someone who tries desperately not to lie to themselves, I earned those Bs. I did B work.

I had other stuff going on, my son had very scary health problems, stuff like that. The inescapable bottom line though is that I got the grades I deserved.

I rarely studied, I did all of my homework at the last minute and I missed assignments in all of those classes. Some of those assignments, particularly in Biology were easy to miss or forget about because a very small portion of them was online and under a moving time limit. Other students did them though, so who can possibly be to blame here?

My biology professor, despite a reputation he earned very early on for being a hard ass, was extremely fair. He told us at every turn what we were expected to know and where to find the information we were responsible for.

The standards in my Public Speaking class were inscrutable. I rarely knew even with a rubric for sure what I was being graded on. On the other hand there were days I didn’t go to class. We had assignments that I didn’t end up doing because of that. Those hurt me in the end, and it is completely justifiable that they should do so.

I’m not going to lie to you Nutrition was a bullshit class. I didn’t learn much of anything. however I did awesome on all of my assignments with the exception of a few quizzes with questions that had no right answers. I missed one quiz and one weekly assignment because I forgot about them. There were hard times during the semester like I said and my mind was often elsewhere. That’s not what, I want to say killed, my grade but, lightly wounded is more apt. Considering all of that I came out with a 93% overall. That was until our participation points were added. I hate, hate, hated, the class and any excuse as feeble as it could possibly be not to go, and I wouldn’t. I knew we had “iClicker” questions occasionally and it would severely hurt my grade if I missed to many of them, yet still I chose not to go to class.

So I missed my mark, because I didn’t do A work, I did B work, and it showed.

I have college Algebra over summer session and the writing class I withdrew from early in the semester to retake as well. I’m going to be doing my damnedest to do A work in these classes. I’m not taking enough credits to qualify for the Dean’s List because I have to pay for summer classes out of my own pocket. I need to make this up to myself though, I don’t owe the Dean anything.

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