You may have noticed, I’m not anti-gaming.

So I did some math this morning. I compare the number of gamers/gaming related violent crimes to driving.

According to this website and sources cited therein, and the number of people thought to play D&D based on a 2004 BBC news article.
139 murders suicides (and a handful of “molestations”, we’ll just lump those in with the dead because it makes the case against roleplaying games stronger) assume each death was the committed by a unique individual (not even implied in fact expressly stated otherwise) means 139 killers
assume the entire gaming group is responsible when only one is actually a psycho average group size of 5 equals 695 divided by the number of players thought to have been involved in the singular game of D&D over the years of 20,000,000 (This doesn’t take into account people who only play for example Vampire: the Masquerade who are also charged with a fair amount of heinous activity)
%.00003475 of D&D players are thought to be responsible for their own deaths or the deaths of others

Let us now put that into perspective by comparing it to the number of people who drive a car.
196,165,666 Licensed drivers
34,017 fatal crashes
Meaning %1.73409+ of licensed drivers are responsible for for their own deaths or the deaths of others. The actual number is of course higher because this does not include the people who are licensed to drive but kill somebody using other means such as choking them to death with 12 sided dice.

Maybe we should license people to play FRPGs.

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